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Noosa Charter Fishing


Our customers on our 1/2 and 3/4 day fishing charters with Deep Sea Fishing Co. Noosa have been hooking into some very large cod and cobia aboard CATCH 22, on our offshore fishing trips over the past few days.

Most of these big cod and cobia cant resets a fresh live bait, so we have been heading to the bait grounds jigging up fresh yakkas and taking them back to the fishing grounds and boating alot of these large species on our fishing charters lately.  While fishing for these bigger fish can be really exciting you need to make sure your fishing tackle and fishing gear is in good condition and serviced regularly as these species always strip line and go for mega runs.  If your gear isn’t of good quality your excitement quickly turns to disappointment real quick as these fish have some serious power and needs to be pulled up quickly away from the bottom or you just get busted up.

Deep Sea Fishing this time of the year with northerly winds can be quite challenging some times your smaller to medium size reef fish can be a bit slow after late morning into early afternoon for these species, but your larger cod, cobia, mackeral, tuna, dolphin fish need to be targeted and usually you will have success around your local reefs.

Our full day fishing charters out to the wider fishing grounds off Noosa. The deep sea fishing up around double island point and the wider grounds has been producing big goldband snapper, amber jack, scarlet perch, Nobby snapper, amber jack, and some BIG venus tusk fish. These fishing charters have been leaving early and returning early afternoon before the northelys winds pick up and blow to hard, fishing the wider grounds this time of year is quite easy to boat large reef fish if the current isnt to strong. These fishing trips usually produce some really good size reef fish, there is alot more travel time involved of these full day fishing charters, but the quality and quantity of fish is well worth the drive.  These fishing grounds are usually only fished by the larger fishing vessels and highly recommended for the keen fisherman or fisherwomen who loves there deep sea fishing.

1/2 and 3/4 Deep Sea fishing charters have been really successful around the local fishing grounds but most quality fish have been caught using live bait so we highly recommend jigging up some yakkas on the way out to the reef.  Full day fishing charters to the wider grounds has been where all the bigger reef fish have been on the chew taking fresh dead baits and live baits either or in good numbers, but there is a fair bit of travel time involved but well worth it once your there, good size snapper, scarlett perch, gold band snapper, cobia, amber jack, and many more are on the chew out wide. 🙂





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